Primary 1 English student writing works (Second Term)

日期: 12/04/2018

Primary 1

1A Ng Chun Fung, Johnny (25)

A clown and his pet.

Clown is tall and fat.

He has a big red nose.

He has a big mouth too.

He has short hair.

He has a beautiful hat.

He is very lovely.

I like him.

Clown has a pet turtle.

It is green and brown.

It has a very short tail.

It has small eyes.

It is cute.



1A Tsoi Sum Yuen, Amy (29)

Amy and her things

     This is my friend Amy. She is short. She has small eyes. She has a small nose. She has black hair and a red mouth. Her cap is big and colourful. Her T-shirt is colourful too. Her skirt is pink and purple.

    She has two toys. She has a ball. It is pink and white. She has a plane. It is yellow and orange.

    She also has two cute rabbits. They are white and pink. They have red eyes and long ears. Amy is good and nice I like Amy very much.



1B Law Po Yi, Angela (15)

My New Friend, Dick

     This is my new friend. His name is Dick. His hair is short. His ears are big. His eyes are small. His nose is big. His mouth is red.

     He has a blue T-shirt. His trousers are blue too. His shoes are black and red. He has two colourful robots. He has a pink car. He has a pet. It is a cute cat. It has a long tail.

     We are good friends.



1B Tan Sau Yee Kinki, Zoey (21)

My Friend, Ann

This is my friend Ann. She is fat. She has big eyes and a small nose. Her mouth is small. Her hair is short.

She has three pencils. They are red and black. She has a dog. It has a long tail and a big nose. It has a small mouth and small ears. It has four short legs.

Ann is a very good girl. I like my friend.



1C Chan Wai Wun, Will (5)

Amy and her things

This is my friend Amy. She is seven years old. She has a small nose and two big ears. Her eyes are small. Her hair is long. She is not fat. She is fit. Amy has a lovely hat. It is colourful. She likes her hat.

She has a big ball and a small plane. The ball is red and green. The plane is blue and yellow. She has two pet rabbits too. They are white. Their ears are long but their tails are short. They are cute. I like them.

Amy is nice and kind. I like her very much.



1C Lam Hiu Ki, Daisy (13)

Clown and his pet

Clown is tall and fat. He has a big nose and a big mouth. His ears are small. His feet are big. His legs are big too! He has a small hat. It is colourful. There are many dots on it. Clown is very cute. I like him.

Clown has a pet dog. It is white. It has two small ears. They are brown. It has a long tail. It also has four long legs. It likes bones. It is lovely. Clown plays with it. They are happy.



1D Fu Pui Kiu, Ashlyn (11)

My little sister, Mary

This is my little sister, Mary. She is a good girl. Today is Mary’s birthday. She has a big colourful birthday cake.

Mary is seven years old. She is in Class 1A. She is a monitor. She has a big pink bag. She has four long pencils and a red book too.

She has some pets. She has a hamster. It is very small. She has two cats. One cat is fat and one cat is thin.

Mary is very happy.



1D Ho Hei Man, Hailey (12)

My New Friend, Dick

     This is my new friend, Dick. He has a big nose and two big ears. He has short hair and big hands. His shoes are green. His T-shirt is white.

     Dick has colourful toys. His toy car is blue. He has two robots They are yellow and green. Their feet are small.

     He has one pet cat. It is white and brown. It has small eyes. It has a long tail. It has short ears. It is lovely.

     Dick is brave. I like him.