Primary 2 English student writing works

日期: 03/01/2018

Primary 2
At the Funny Beach    (2A Chan Cho Kwan, Dara)

At the Funny Beach

Mum and Mandy are at the beach. They are happy.

Mandy says, ‘ I am hungry.’ Mum says, ‘ I am hungry too. Let’s make some sandwiches.’ So Mum makes some yummy sandwiches.

A big hungry crab is eating a sandwich. Mum says, ‘ I am surprised.’ Mandy says, ‘ I am surprised too.’


At the Funny Beach    (2A Cheung Hoi Ching, Sofie)

At the Funny Beach

Rex, Mandy and Mum are at the beach in the morning. They are happy.

Mandy is playing with a ball. It is fun. Rex is hot. He says,‘ I am hot.’ Then, he is swimming in the water. Rex is tired. He says,‘ I am sleepy.’ He is sleeping on his towel. Then, a ball is bouncing off Rex. He says, ‘ I am angry.’ Mandy is scared. She is running back to Mum.

Mum says,’ I am hungry. Let’s eat somethings.’ We are happy and cheerful.


At Happy Beach    (2B Chan Ho Cheung, Justin)

At Happy Beach

Rex, Mandy, Dad and Mum are at the beach in the morning. They are happy.

“I am hungry,” says Mandy. “Do you want some sandwiches?” says Mum. Now, Mum is making some sandwiches. Rex, Mandy and Dad like the sandwiches because they are yummy.

Then, Rex is very hot. He is swimming in the water. He is very tired. Next Rex says, “I am very tired.” So, he is sleeping on his towel. Suddenly, the ball is bouncing off Rex. He is angry. Finally, he is running back to Dad.

The family go home by MTR. They are tired but happy. They have a good time at Happy Beach!


My Birthday Party    (2B Lau Cheuk Yin, Martin)

My Birthday Party

Today is my 8th birthday. I am having a birthday party with my friends and family. We have the party at home. It is from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. At the party, I wear a cool blue shirt. I look smart.

I can play games and watch movies. We can eat a cake, chips, ice-cream and fries. Then, my friends come to my party. They say, “Happy birthday to you!” I feel happy.

Next, we are hungry. We are eating. Finally, we watch movies. I am happy.

I like my 8th birthday party because the food is tasty and the movies are funny. We have a great time together!


My School    (2C Sze Yu Wai, Victor)

My School

Today I go to my school with Emma. My school is in Kowloon. My school is SFACS. My classroom and the library are on the third floor. I am in Class 2C. We mustn’t run. In the library, we mustn’t spit or litter. But we must keep quirt. We can read books and comics there. There is a computer room. There are many computers there. Also, there is an art room. In the art room, we mustn’t eat or drink. In the recess, we can go to the canteen to buy some food. My school has a playground too. We can play on the slide and the swing together.

I like my school very much. I have a great time at school. I am happy and terrific.


My Birthday Party    (2C Wong Sze Ning, Sandy)

My Birthday Party

Today is my 8th birthday. I have a birthday party with my lovely family and my best friends in McDonald’s. we go there on foot. I am excited.

At the party, I wear a dress and a colourful party hat. I wear like Princess Anna. It is fun. My friends say ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. I say ‘Thank you’ to them.

In the afternoon, we play games together. We play hide-and seek. Then, we are hungry. So, we eat some hamburgers, curry fish balls and pizza. They are yummy.

We have a good time together.


My Birthday Party    (2D Lai Ho Lam, Hayley)

My Birthday Party

Today is my 8th birthday. I have a great birthday party in Rainbow Hotel with my friends, Chloe, Zhe Yee Lam, my teacher Miss Wong and my family. We go there by MTR in the morning. I am excited.

At the party, I wear a starry T-shirt and a beautiful skirt. My friends and family say ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and give me many presents. We have a lot of delicious food such as sandwiches, cakes and fruits. We also have mango juice, orange juice and apple juice.

Then, we play games and take photos. Finally, they sing a birthday song to me. I blow out the candles and cut the cake. We enjoy the cake because it is very yummy. Today, I feel very happy.


Having Fun in Lucky Shopping Centre    (2D Sin Sum Yee, Chloe)

Having Fun in Lucky Shopping Centre

Helen and her family go shopping in Lucky Shopping Centre. Helen is in the toy shop. It is on the third floor. She is buying four balls and three dolls. Mum is in the supermarket. It is on the second floor. She is trying some pears. They are so sweet. Dad and Helen’s sister are in the book shop. It is on the sixth floor. They are hungry. They are going to McDonalds. It is on the first floor. They eat some yummy ice cream.

They have a great time in Lucky Shopping Centre!