Primary 2 English student writing works (Second Term)

日期: 12/04/2018

Primary 2

2A Cheung Hoi Ching, Sofie (5)

Being Helpful

     I am very busy every day. I wake up early in the morning and I make the bed in the bedroom. Then I sweep the floor in the living room. Then I go to school with my dad by minibus.

    After school, I tidy up my bedroom. Then I water my aunt’s plants. Then I make dinner.

     When my mom and dad come home, they see a pretty home and said I am a nice and helpful girl.



2A Wong Chi Yau, Audrey (24)

Being Helpful

     My name is Katy. I am seven years old and I am in Primary Two. I am the only child in my family. I am hard-working. I study my lesson and do my homework every day. Every morning, I help my grandma water the plants. At night, I set the table for dinner and make the bed in the bedroom. I also sweep the floor every day. I feel happy to be of help at home.



2D Lam Wah Wing, Winnie (12)

Paul’s Busy Day

      Today is Friday. Paul’s mother is sick. Paul needs to help at home. He is busy. In the morning, he attends the piano lessons. In the afternoon, his mum is still tired. She sleeps in her bedroom. Paul washes the dishes and waters the plants.

     In the evening, he sweeps the floor and cooks some food for his mum.

     Paul is tired but happy!



  • 2B Kapo Anna Carolina (11) A Postcard

    A Postcard

  • 2B Zhong Hin Yuk, Sammy (31) Helpful Hazel

    Helpful Hazel Today is Monday. Hazel and her mother go to the supermarket. They buy some yummy snacks, a hot dog, apple juice and cola. Hazel sees a hungry old woman. She is sitting on the dirty floor. She feels hungry. Then, Hazel gives some juice and food to the hungry old woman. She has the hotdog and apple juice. “Thank you. You are a helpful girl!” the old woman says. After that, she eats the food quickly. “Have a nice day,” the old woman says. Hazel and Mum feel happy and they go home. At home, Mum kisses Hazel and says, “You are my lovely daughter!” Hazel is very happy. “Today is a nice day!” Hazel says.

  • 2C Lee Pei Lin, Cherry (18) Helpful Hazel

    Helpful Hazel Hazel and her mum go to the supermarket together. They buy some fruits, biscuits and juice for lunch. They are going home now. On the way home, they see a little old woman at the street. She is poor. She doesn’t have money to buy food. She says, ‘I’m hungry. Please give me some food.’ Then Hazel gives some bread to her. The little old woman is happy. So she says ‘Thank you’ to Hazel and her mum. Hazel is happy too. In the end, mum gives a doll to Hazel as a prize because she is kind and helpful.

  • 2C Tong Yuk Ki, Brianna (28) Birthday invitation

    Birthday invitation

  • 2D Zhu Yin Lam, Holly (30) A postcard

    A postcard