Primary 3 English student writing works

日期: 03/01/2018

Primary 3
My Favourite Restaurant    (3A Cham Cheuk Lap, Ivan)

My Favourite Restaurant

I like going to Pizza Hut for dinner because the food there is yummy. I often go to Pizza Hut with my family at weekends.

My favourite dish there is tomato and mushroom soup. It is very salty but I like it. My mother also likes it very much. Dad’s favourite dish is pineapple and seafood pizza because it is spicy. He likes spicy food most.

After dinner, we have the best milk ice-cream. It is yummy because it is sweet. I like sweet food most.

I hope I can go to Pizza Hut every day because the food there is yummy!


My Neighbour    (3A Fu Yung, Joyce)

My Neighbour

Candy is my neighbour. She lives next to my flat. She studies in my school. She is ten years old. Her eyes are big. Her mouth is small and her small nose is so beautiful.

We go to school and play together. She likes eating with me in her free time. She likes dancing and singing because she is good at singing. She wants to be a music star when she grows up.

She is helpful and kind. She helps me with my homework and she listens to mw when I am unhappy. I love her. I hope our friendship will last forever.



My Neighbour    (3B Cheng Nga Man, Clari)

My Neighbour

Mrs Wong is my neighbor. She is thirty-five years old. She has long hair. Her mouth is small and her eyes are big. She is just fit.

She likes doing crafts at home every Sunday. Her crafts are very pretty. She makes a small teddy bear for me on my birthday. It is very cute. I really like it.

She likes running with me too. She can run very fast. She also goes ice-skating with me. We usually go ice-skating in our free time at Festival Walk. We go there by bus.

I like her a lot because she is nice and kind. She takes good care of me when I am sick. She always lends some storybooks to me too. I am lucky to have a wonderful neighbour like her.


My favourite restaurant    (3B Cheung Tsz Him, Andy)

My favourite restaurant

My favourite restaurant is McDonald’s. It is near my home. I often go there with my family. The restaurant is big and beautiful. There are some pretty pictures on the wall too.

I usually have hamburgers and French fries there. Sometimes I have apple pies for desserts. My mum likes eating the chicken nuggets because they are spicy. She likes spicy food a lot. My dad loves the bacon and cheese croissants there because the bacon there is crispy. I like the beef burgers most because they are really juicy.

I feel very excited when I am at the fantastic restaurant. I hope I can go there with my favourite teacher Miss Yang.


Know more about 3C    (3C Leung Wai Ching, Vincent)

Know more about 3C

Hi, I am Vincent Leung. I am eight years old. I am tall and fit. I am and handsome and clever. My eyes are so big so I can see anything but my ears and nose are so small. I like eating bread with jam and cakes with chocolate because they are so yummy and sweet.

I can play basketball very well. My mum teaches me how to play it. I like playing it with my friends and my brother on Saturday afternoons.

I can’t play badminton or the guitar. I want to learn how to play them because I want to be healthy and strong. I like music, too.


A Birthday Present    (3C Tsui Man Hei, Hayes)

A Birthday Present

Betty is David’s good friend. Today is her birthday. She invites David to her party. David wants to buy a present for her. At half past nine, he goes to Strong Shopping Centre. He sees a beautiful hat with a red ribbon on it. David says, ’Wow! The hat is so lovely!’

Then, he takes the hat to the cashier and pays forty dollars to buy the hat. Next, he takes a minibus to Betty’s house. He gives the present to her. Betty is surprised. She says, ‘Thank you. I like your present very much.’

Later, they go to Nice Restaurant for tea. They order a box of chicken wings, a packet of French fries and two cans of cola. They are very excited and happy.


A Birthday Present    (3D Lee Chung Yin, Thomas)

A Birthday Present

David and Betty are best friends. Today is Betty’s birthday. David goes to Apple Shopping Centre by bus. In the shopping centre, David sees a beautiful hat in the clothes shop. He wants to buy it for Betty’s birthday.

David asks the shopkeeper, ‘How much is the beautiful hat?’ ‘It’s forty dollars,’ the shopkeeper says. David has enough money to buy the hat so he pays for it.

At night, David gives the birthday present to Betty. She is excited. She loves the hat very much. She wears the hat and says ‘thank you’ to David.

In the end, David goes to Betty’s home. David plays games and sings songs with Betty. David feels happy. He hopes they can be friends forever.


My Neighbour    (3D Pun Hiu Lam, Kathy)

My Neighbour

My neighbor is Natalie Tsang. She is eight years old. She is thin and short. She has tiny eyes, a small nose and a big mouth. Her birthday is on 8th October. She has a big brother.

Natalie loves eating ice-cream. She likes playing Chinese checkers and Chinese chess. In her free time, she likes playing the piano. Her favourite subject is Maths.

Natalie is cute. She loves telling funny stories. She usually makes me happy. She is helpful and nice. Sometimes I play with her at her home and we have a lot of fun.

I am glad that I can have this neighbor Natalie. I hope we can be friends forever.