Primary 3 English student writing works (Second Term)

日期: 13/04/2018

3A Cham Cheuk Lap, Ivan ( 1 )

A Happy Saturday

    Today is a sunny day. “Let’s go to the country park. The weather is nice,” says Dick. Tracy says, “ Good idea.”

    First they arrive at the country park at nine o’ clock in the morning. They see a lot of flowers and trees. They take many beautiful photos. They go hiking happily.

    Then they go to Mega Mall in the afternoon because Dick wants to buy a watch for Tracy. He buys a blue watch. It is forty dollars. Tracy is happy.

    Next they watch a film called “A Funny Cat”. They buy a packet of popcorn before they go into the show house. They film is funny. It makes them laugh.

    In the evening, they have a yummy dinner at a restaurant. They are hungry so they eat up all the food. They are very full.

    They hope they can have fun together next weekend. Both of them have a great time.



3A Koo Wing Tung, Rainbow ( 12 )

At the Cinema

      Karen and Jim are good friends. They go to a cinema this afternoon. They want to watch the film- Super Cat. Jim is excited and hungry. He wants to buy a packet of popcorn.

     He goes to the tuck shop. He sees a long queue. Jim says, “ Oh no! There are a lot of people in front of me. It is a long queue.”

    Karen looks at the clock and says to Jim, “Come on, Jim. We don’t have enough time. Don’t buy popcorn.”

    In the end, Karen and Jim watch the film happily. Jim says, “ The film is very exciting but I’m very hungry. Can we go to a restaurant?”

   “Of course. Let’s go now.” Karen says.

    They are happy because they have an enjoyable afternoon.



3B Cheung Tze Him,Andy (7)

My classmate

Queenie is my good classmate. She is nine years old. She is tall and fit. She has long thick hair. Her eyes and ears are big but her nose is small. She is so cute.

Her favourite subject is Music. She likes playing the piano and singing in her free time. She can play the piano very well. She can sing beautifully too. She wants to be a musician when she grows up.

Queenie also likes reading and dancing. She likes reading books about children and animals. She always goes to the school library with me during recess. We also share storybooks at recess. It is great fun.

She is a gentle and kind girl. She never shouts at me or fight with me. She always speaks to me gently. She shares her yummy snacks with me too.

I really like Queenie. I hope we can be friends forever.



3C Chen Tsz Yin, Ryan (4)

A letter to Mr. Farmer

6th March, 2018.

Dear Mr. Farmer,

Thank you for your letter. I will come to your dinner party.

I would like to eat some grass, orange jelly, spicy chicken and fruit. I also like to eat fishes, sausages and cheese. I like to drink apple juice. I like to drink chocolate milk too.

I want to play hide-and-seek because I really like to play this game with Mouse. I want to read books. I want to help you cook some yummy food too. Thank you for your invitation. I hope I have a very happy dinner party at your home.

See you on 10th April, 2018

                                                  Your friends,




3D Huang Sum Yin, Sandy (11)

A Happy Saturday

Today is Saturday. Dick and Tracy have many things to do. First they go to the country park to play because the weather is fine. When they go to the park, they see a lot of beautiful things. Tracy takes a photo there.

Then they go to the shopping mall. They go to the watch shop because Dick wants to buy a watch there. They see many different kinds of watches. Then Dick buys a black one.

After that, they go to the cinema in Shek Kip Mei. They buy a big packet of popcorn and take seats in the cinema. The film is funny so they laugh loudly.

In the end, they go home and have dinner. They feel sleepy and tired but they think today is a great and happy day.



3D Zhen Yuk Lam, Michael (32)

My classmate

Walter is my classmate. He is eight years old. He sits in front of me. He is tall and thin. His hair is black and short. Everyone likes him.

I like Walter because he is polite. He doesn’t shout at me or play tricks on me. He is funny too. He likes telling jokes to me and making me laugh.

Walter’s favourite subject is Visual Arts. He is good at drawing pictures and doing handicrafts. He usually draws pictures and does handicrafts in his free time.

I am glad Walter is my classmate because he is helpful and honest. I hope we can be good friends forever.

  • 3B Tam Ching, Dora (19) A happy Saturday

    Today is Saturday. The weather is sunny and warm. Dick and Tracy go to the country park in the morning. They see many beautiful flowers and birds. They see some colourful butterflies too! They like them very much. Then the children go to Festival Walk because Dick wants to buy a watch. They go to Super Watch Shop. There are lots of lovely watches. Dick sees a nice blue watch. He wants to buy it so he asks the saleslady, ’How much is the watch?’ ‘It’s one hundred dollars,’ the saleslady replies. Dick pays for the watch. He is so happy. After that, they go to the cinema to watch a film called ‘My Wonderful Mum’. They eat popcorn when they are enjoying the film. They laugh a lot because the film is really funny. In the end, Dick and Tracy go to a nice restaurant for dinner. They order lots of food because they feel hungry. The food is very tasty. They are very full. They have a wonderful Saturday.

  • 3C Tan Yan Hung, Kabe (21) At the cinema

    Today is a school holiday. In the morning, Jim and Karen are at the cinema. They want to watch the film Supercat. Karen and Jim buy the tickets together. Then, Jim wants to buy some popcorn at the tuck shop but a lot of people are in the queue. He says, ‘Oh no! There are so many people!’ Karen says, ‘We do not have enough time!’ Later, Karen opens her bag and says to Jim, ‘I have some snacks, Jim.’ In the end, they enjoy watching the film. After watching it, Karen says, ‘The film is very exciting.’ Jim says, ‘Let’s go to the park. We can play badminton, football and basketball.’ In the evening, they are very happy.