Primary 5 English student writing works (Second Term)

日期: 13/04/2018

Primary 5

5A Szeto Yuen Ying, Tina (22)

Dear Dad,

     Today is Mother’s Day. I’m planning a surprise party for mum. Here are my ideas:

     First, I need some coloured paper to fold a bunch of flowers for mum. Mum likes pink rose most. So, I want to make her some pink flowers as a gift. Also, I want to draw a card and stick the flowers on it. Then, it will be a 3D card!

     Moreover, I want to use some coloured papers to make decorations. I need a glue, a string and of course some coloured papers to make some triangular flags. Then, I’ll hang them up.

     Besides, I need chocolate milk, a big cake and white chocolate cookies. Let’s buy some food in the supermarket. Are you free to go with me, Dad?

     I hope mum will like this surprise. I’m sure she will.

Love from,




5B Lao Pik Ki, Pikki (1)

A Surprise Party for Mum

Dear Daddy,

     Are you busy with your work? As Mother's Day is coming, I want to prepare a surprise party for Mum.

     I would like to make a card for Mum. Although it may take some time, I believe I can finish it before the party. Besides, I will make a bunch of roses which are made of coloured paper. Then I plan to hide them in a secret place and draw a treasure hunt map for Mum to find it. 

     For decorations, I will hang a banner and some balloons on the wall. Therefore, I need some sellotape and balloons. Can you buy them for me on the way home? There are not enough balloons at home.

     As for food, I want to make some jelly and cookies. Can you buy some flour and butter for me. They are used for making some star-shaped cookies because Mum likes eating cookies.

     I hope I will finish all the preparation work before the party. I will do it as fast as I can. I can't wait for the party!

     See you tonight.





5C Chan Tak Hoi, Andrew (9)

A Surprise Party for Mum

Dear Daddy,

      Are you busy with work now? Mother’s Day is coming. Let’s plan a surprise party for Mum.

     For the gifts, I want to make a card as a present for Mum. I need some coloured pencils to write on the card. I think Mum will be very happy about that.

    For the decorations, I want to make some paper triangles. They are used for a party decoration. They are made of pieces of paper and a string. First, I need some coloured papers. Then, I cut them into triangles and stick them on a string. Finally, I hang them in the living room. 

    For the food, I want to make a chocolate cake for Mum because she likes eating cakes very much. However, we have run out of chocolate so please help me to buy some.

    Dad, please remember help me to buy some coloured pencils, coloured paper, a string and chocolate. I hope Mum will have a surprise.





5D Chau Wing Yan, Joey (4)

A surprise party for mum

Dear Daddy,

How are you? As mother’s Day is coming, we can prepare a surprise party for Mum.

I will buy a pair of earrings for Mum. They are made of gold. I think Mum will be happy. I will aslo draw a card with our family photo in it.

I plan to hang some colourful balloons and a banner in the living room. However, I need some sellotape and strings. Please buy them when you come home.

I will make a chocolate cake. I need some eggs, cream, flour, milk and chocolate. Besides I will make chicken wings and sandwiches. Please remember to buy some bread on the way home.

Don’t be late for the party. See you.



  • 5A Wong Chun Kam, Calvin (26) A Terrible Night

    Last night, Sue was alone with her cat, Lulu at home. Sue was doing her homework seriously in her bedroom. Lulu was sleeping next to her. Lulu was very tired. After half an hour, Sue and Lulu were hungry so they had dinner together in the dining room at half past seven. Sue gave some fish to Lulu. They were yummy. Sue ate some noodles and meat. Lulu ate messily and made the floor dirty. ‘Don’t eat so fast! It’s not good for you!’ Sue said to Lulu rudely. After dinner, Sue watched TV in the living room. Suddenly, Lulu jumped onto the cupboard and broke the vase. Lulu was scared. ‘What have you done! You made a big trouble. Mum will punish me. Oh no!’ Sue shouted angrily. Suddenly, mum came back home. She felt mad because she saw the vase was broken. Mum asked Sue to sweep the floor. At last, she said ‘sorry’ to Mum.

  • 5B Ng Ka Wing, Triston (23) A Terrible Night

    Sunny's sister, Sue was alone at home with her cat, Lulu last night. When Sue was doing her homework, Lulu slept lazily on the floor. It was time for dinner. Sue went to the dining room with Lulu. Sue prepared some cat food for Lulu. However, Lulu ate messily and noisily. Therefore, Sue scold the cat furiously. "What a mess! Don't eat so rudely!" Sue said angrily. After dinner, it was already nine o'clock. Sue went to the living room quickly and watched her favourite TV programme which was about cute kaolas. Suddenly, Sue heard a loud noise and a vase was broken into pieces on the floor. "Oh! You broke Mum's favourite vase! Why are you so naughty?" Sue said sadly. At that moment, Mum just came home. Sue explained what happened to Mum and was sorry for breaking the vase. In the end, Mum forgave Sue and they tidied up the vase together. What a terrible night!

  • 5C Sham Wing Yan, Chloe (25) A Terrible Night

    Last night, Sunny’s sister, Sue was alone with her cat, Lulu. Sue was a hard-working so she did her homework by herself at 6’clock. Lulu was sleeping quietly at the same time. Sue had dinner at seven in the living room and she also gave a fish to Lulu. It ate the fish quickly and messily because it was very hungry. After dinner, Sue watched her favourite cartoon on the sofa. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise. She saw the vase was broken. ‘Why are you so naughty, Lulu?’ Sue said angrily. The vase was very expensive and it was Mum’s favourite. Mum came back from work at 8 o’clock. She did not get mad and said ‘Is lulu hurt?’ After that, Sue and her mum cleaned the glass together. Sue thought ‘I have to train Lulu and I want to be a good trainer so that Lulu will not break any things again.’

  • 5D Chu Ka Lok, Alex (7) A Terrible Night

    Last night, Sue was alone with her cat, Lulu at home. She was doing homework. Lulu was sleeping next to her. Sue had dinner with her cat at eight o’clock. Sue ate rice and meat for dinner. Lulu had fish. Lulu was hungry so she ate quickly and made the floor messy. After dinner, Sue watched TV. Suddenly, she heard a loud noice. She saw a broken vase on the floor and Lulu was running on the shelf. ”What are you doing, naughty cat?” Sue shouted. After that, Mum came back from work. The Mum saw the vase. Mum was very shocked and angry. Mum and Sue cleaned the floor together and they kept Lulu in a cage.