Primary 6 English student writing works

日期: 03/01/2018

Primary 6
My Pet    (6A Tsui Siu Teem, Sweet)

My Pet

Mimi is my cat. She is really naughty. She never sits still but I believe that a lot of other cats look like her.

One day, when I came home from school, I couldn’t find her anywhere. Then I went to my room and found Mimi sitting in the dark corner. She looked sick and unwell. I was worried. I asked Mum for help. Mum suggested, ‘Let’s take Mimi to the vet.’ I agreed after thinking for a while. I put her in a cage and took her to the vet by taxi immediately.

At the clinic, there were a lot of people waiting with their pets. I was worried about Mimi for she was my only friend. I didn’t want to lose her. Mum knew that so she comforted me.

After some time, it was my turn to take Mimi to see the vet. The vet checked Mimi’s body carefully. He told us to wait outside. Sometime later, the vet brought me Mimi and a baby kitten. Wow! Mimi was having a baby! I was so happy that I shouted out loudly. I got a new kitten! I named her Kim.


Daydreaming in Class    (6A Ho Po Shan, Ida)

Daydreaming in Class

Last Friday, when I was having a Math lesson, I had a daydream because the lesson was hard and boring. I even didn’t understand what the teacher said.

I started daydreaming. Yesterday was my birthday. I invited my friends to come to my home to celebrate my eleventh birthday. My mum baked a chocolate cake for me. Then my sister and I decorated the home. At two o’clock, my friends arrived. We started the birthday party. We played the card games and sang songs. We also ate delicious food such as chicken wings, potato chips and sausages. At last, they sang a birthday song to me and gave me the birthday gifts. I was extremely happy. This day was unforgettable!

Suddenly, someone knocked on my table and said, ‘Judy! Judy!’ The classmates laughed at me. Miss Ho, my Math teacher, stared at me angrily and said, ‘I will tell your mum about what you have done in the lesson.’ Judy was upset.

She won’t daydream in the lesson again.


My Festival    (6B Huang Sze Kei, Safiya)

My Festival

I invented a festival called Happy Festival. It is on 31st August because it is the last day of the summer holiday. All the students will celebrate it.

It will be celebrated in the swimming pool because we always swim in the summer holiday. We will swim in the swimming pool in the morning. Then, we will have a pool-side party in the afternoon. In the evening, we will have a special event - eating food in the water!

We need to eat a sausage and two eggs which symbolizes “ONE HUNDRED”. If students eat the special dish, they will get full marks in all the examinations in the school year. Besides, we need to wear yellow swimsuits because yellow is a lucky colour. If we wear in yellow that day, we will be lucky throughout the year.

To end the festival, we throw the paper into the pool at the last minute before midnight. It means that we don’t need to do any work that day but to work hard in the new school year.

I am looking forward to celebrating my festival with all the students in Hong Kong!


Be a Wise Spender    (6B Chan Hing Chun, Oswin)

Be a Wise Spender

It is out of my expectation that I have won a drawing competition. I think I should spend the $10,000 cash prize in a caring, meaningful and spiritual way.

Firstly, I will save some money in my bank account. I think the deposit will help me to buy some books for my future study. Besides, I will buy some presents for my parents or friends on their coming birthdays.

Moreover, I am going to spend some money on myself. I am a member of Fencing Club, so I want to buy some fencing equipment, such as a weapon mask, a fencing sword and protective gloves.

Furthermore, I will donate some money to help the poor people. I want to donate $5,000 to Sowers Action which is committed to promote education aid in rural China by helping poor or disabled students. I know that some schools in rural China are too cold in winter but too hot in summer, so I hope my donation can help them to buy some heating and cooling devices. The poor students do not have enough stationery or books, I hope I can help them with that, too.

It is true that “IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE.” I am glad that I can help the poor children. I think the world will be more beautiful if everyone can help one another.


My Pet    (6C Leung Han, Ella)

My Pet

A week ago, my cat, Mimi was feeling unwell. I found her sitting quietly at the corner. She did not eat anything and she looked tired.

I told Mum Mimi didn’t eat her dinner. ‘Maybe Mimi is sick. I suggest taking her to see a vet but it is late now. The clinic is closed so let’s go tomorrow,’ said Mum.

The next day we took Mimi to see a vet. I was very worried about her. At the clinic, there were a lot of people with their pets so we had to wait for a long time.

However, when the vet looked at Mimi, he said, ‘Your pet is fine. She just has eaten too much. Let her have some rest.’ Then we thanked the vet and went home.

‘Ann, don’t feed Mimi too much food anymore,’ said Mum.

‘No, I won’t,’ I said.


Daydreaming in Class    (6C Tsang Hoi Hin, Michael)

Daydreaming in Class

Today I had a daydream when I was having my English lesson because it was too hard and boring.

I daydreamed of being Superman. There were many aliens on Earth. They wanted to eat the people on our planet. My superfriends and I fought with the aliens. After killing all the aliens with our guns, everyone shouted ‘Hero! Hero!’.

Suddenly, someone shouted loudly ‘Michael Tsang!’ and I woke up from my daydream.

Everyone in my class laughed at me and I felt embarrassed. Miss Lam said, ’I asked you a question. Why didn’t you answer me?’

‘I was having a daydream,’ I said.

Miss Lam shouted at me angrily, ‘You can choose either standing in the playground at recess or letting me talk to your mother!’

‘Emm…I prefer to stand in the playground,’ said I. After school, Miss Lam told me not to do daydream again.


My Dream Job    (6D Kwan Nga Wai, Tracy)

My Dream Job

I want to be a businesswoman. If I become a businesswoman, I will earn a lot of money.

To be a businesswoman, I open many shops. Also, I can travel around the world.

To do this job well, I need to learn business knowledge in the university. Moreover, I need to have good communication skills.

Therefore, now, I need to be hard-working. I need to do many exercises. I pay attention to the teachers during the lessons. I study late at night.

I hope my dream will come true in the future.


Be a Wise Spender    (6D Yeung Tsz Ching, Jenny)

Be a Wise Spender

Last Sunday, I won a drawing competition in Central. I was so glad because I had ten thousand dollars. I want to spend the money in a meaningful way.

First, I will use the money $3000 to help the poor people. They face many problems. They are too poor. They do not have enough money to see a doctor. Their flats are too crowded. They really need our help so I will donate $1000 to Caritas. I will also buy flour and eggs to make cupcakes with my classmates. Then we will run a stall to sell cupcakes. The money we will raise will be donated to Community Chest.

Second, I will spend $3000 on myself. I will have a cooking lesson. I will also buy pretty clothes. I will go to Taiwan too.

Finally, I will save $4000 and will use it in the future. I will open a stationery shop. I will also study in Canada.

I believe the more you give, the more happiness you will have. I think I do the right things.