Primary 6 English student writing works (Second Term)

日期: 13/04/2018

Primary 6

6A Ida Ho (4)

Harry Potter and Voldemort Saved the Goat

‘Help! What about me?’ cried the goat from the bottom of the well, but the fox was gone.

    The poor goat was tricked by the fox. It was trapped in the well and could not climb out. It had stayed there for three days. It was hungry and tired.

Luckily, Harry Potter and Voldemort had a fight near the well. They heard the sound so they went to the well to see what happened. They saw the goat lying helplessly at the bottom of the well and the goat said in a low voice, ’Help! Help me!’ They stopped fighting because they wanted to save the goat first.

    Harry Potter took out his magic wand and said a spell. Then, the goat was saved. The goat was still angry with the fox. It said to them, ‘The fox faked me to jump into the well. I hope you can help me to trick the fox!’ Then Voldemort laughed at the goat and said, ‘You are as silly as a goose!’

    Harry Potter used the magic to make the fox jump into the well unwillingly. Then he blocked the well with some big rocks. The goat said, ‘Thank you very much!’ Then Harry and Voldemort walked away happily.



6A Sandy Lam (10)

A Fur Lover

Miss Tam likes animal fur very much. She bought many fur coats and kept them in a wardrobe.

    One day, Miss Tam wanted to go to a banquet with her friends. She tried on the fur coats one by one because she wanted to wear the most beautiful one to the banquet. Suddenly, all the fur coats changed into animals such as rabbits and foxes. They jumped out of the wardrobe. They were as fierce as lions. They stared at Miss Tam who was very frightened. Miss Tam shouted loudly, ‘Help! Help!’ However, there was no one at home.

    As a result, Miss Tam was trapped in a big cage. Then she begged, ‘Why do you catch me? Please set me free!’  ‘Hunters will keep killing us unless people stop buying fur coats,’ the fox said angrily. Miss Tam continued, ‘I promise you not to wear or buy any fur coats. I will throw them away too!’ The animals didn’t believe her and they wanted to kill her. Miss Tam shouted for help!

  Finally, Miss Tam got up from the nightmare. However, she threw away all the fur coats and she would not buy them anymore.



6B Li Mei Yee, Milly (22)

A Fur Lover

Miss Tam is a rich lady who is also a fur lover. She has many fur coats, which are made from tigers, rabbits and foxes, in her wardrobe.

     One day, Miss Tam had to give a speech at a party. Therefore, she opened her wardrobe to choose a fur coat to wear. After a while, she chose a grey coat with white rabbit fur. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I must be the most beautiful lady at the party!” She turned around in front of the mirror proudly.

Suddenly, the door of the wardrobe opened by itself and four animals jumped out of her wardrobe. Miss Tam was frightened and hid in a large box. However, the animals could find her in the end. She shouted, ”Please don’t kill or eat me! Mum, save me!” The animals laughed and said, ”We won’t eat you but we will put you into a cave forever! Haha…”

The four animals took out a big cage from the wardrobe and Miss Tam was trapped in it. She started to cry and begged, ”Please don’t put me into a cave. I just want to stay here.” The animals said, ”Okay! However, what can you do for us?” “I will tell people not to kill any endangered animals…” replied Miss Tam. The animals disappeared and Miss Tam woke up and found that it was only a dream.

Miss Tam made a website to teach people not to kill any animals. She thought it was the best present for the Earth.



6B Ng Chiu Wing, Chloe (25)

Escaping from the Well Magically

“Help! What about me?” cried the goat from the bottom of the well, but the fox was gone.

“Is there anybody who can help me?” he shouted loudly. However, nobody replied. “Help …” The goat felt ill suddenly. Then, he slept in the well for a while.

“Are you okay? I have something to give to you,” a man said. The goat opened his eyes slowly and he was shocked to see Harry Potter! “Take this. It’s a water-proof mobile phone,” said Harry Potter when he was throwing the phone to the goat. As quick as a flash, he was on a broom and flew away.

The goat had no ideas with the phone at first. Soon, he tried to call the shepherd but he failed. Later he tried to call the shepherd’s friends. However, none of them answered. The goat found that he could select the person to call. At last, he found out that he was able to call the cartoon characters only so he called Ozora Akari from “Aikatsu!” and Akari really answered the call!

The goat asked for help at once. After a few minutes, Akari really went to the well. “How can I help you?” Akari bleated. “Can you try to pull me up?” replied the goat hopefully. Akari tried to pull him up but he was too heavy. All of a sudden, two wings grew from the goat’s back. “I can fly! I am a flying goat! Hurray!” Then the goat flew out of the well happily. “What about me?” cried Akari.

“I can fly… I…” the goat whispered. He opened his eyes and found that it was only a dream. He was still trapped in the well. “Help! Can anyone save me?” He kept shouting hopelessly.



6C Chan Kei Chun, Forrest (3)

Script for a Presentation

Good morning. Today I’d like to talk about Chinese New Year in Hong Kong and New Year in London. Some things are the same and some things are different.

     I’ll start with the similarities between Chinese New Year and New Year. In both places, people watch fireworks but at different time. In Hong Kong, we watch the fireworks on the second day of Chinese New Year at around 8pm. But, in London, they watch the fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Day. In both places, people watch parades too but we watch lion dances as well in Hong Kong.

     Now I am going to talk about the difference between celebrations of the two cities. In Hong Kong, people go to temple to pray. But in London they go to church to pray at midnight. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, people have reunion dinner with their family. After dinner, they go to the flower market. Moreover, red packets are given to children. In London, some people have parties at home. They sing songs, play games, eat party food, drink champagne and chat.


     I’d like to celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong because I can get lots of red packets from my relatives and I like eating special food like rice cakes and sweet dumplings. Moreover, there is a long holiday so I prefer Chinese New Year.

    That’s all for my presentation today. I hope you found my presentation interesting. Thank you very much for listening.



6C Chow Yin Wa, Eva (6) 

A Careless Mistake

     Last Sunday, I took my dog Coco to a pet beauty salon for a haircut of a new fur style. While I was choosing a style for Coco, I noticed that a beautiful girl was carrying a dog which looked like Coco.

     ‘I would like to have this fur style for my dog,’ I said to the staff.

     ‘Okay. Please come back in an hour,’ said the staff.

     Before I left the salon, I heard the girl say that she wanted the same style I chose for her dog. I went to the library nearby. I read some books about dogs. I wanted to know more about how to keep a dog.

     After an hour, I went back to the salon. I took the dog in front of me without thinking. I didn’t realize that I took the wrong dog until I had walked a long way from the salon. I was shocked and scared. Luckily, the dog was wearing a tag. I called the number on it and told the girl that I took her dog by mistake.

I went back to the salon and got Coco back. The girl and I became friends. We walked our dogs together in the park nearby.

I am so glad to meet a new friend.

  • 6D Wong Hoi Lee, Kelly (17) A Careless Mistake

    I took my dog Coco to a big pet beauty salon last Sunday. When I was choosing the best fur style for Coco, a girl came into the salon happily. When the staff cut the two dog’s fur, I left the shop but the girl stayed there. After one hour, I returned the salon to take Coco home. On the way home, I was very shocked because I took the wrong dog. The dog which I held did not have a collar! ‘Where is my lovely dog?!’ I screamed. So, I rushed to the salon and asked the staff to call the girl to come back. Fortunately, the girl arrived at the salon soon. We exchanged our dogs and laughed together! I was really careless. I should be more careful next time.

  • 6D Yeung Tsz Ching, Jenny (21) A Fur Lover

    Once upon a time, there was a rich lady called Miss Tam. She loves wearing animal fur coats. She bought many fur coats and kept them in the wardrobe. One day, Miss Tam was invited to a party. Then, she went to her bedroom and tried so many fur coats from her wardrobe. At last, Miss Tam chose a soft pink one. Suddenly, all the fur coats turned into different animals like a fox and a rabbit. They jumped out of the wardrobe angrily and caught Miss Tam at once. She was put in a big cage. She was very frightened and shouted loudly, ‘Help! Help!’ The animals stared at Miss Tam angrily. They were as fierce as lion. ‘Please! Please! Let me go!’ she begged them. ’No!’ continued the fox, ‘You killed a lot of animals to make fur coats! We will be endangered soon!’ ‘I am so sorry,’ Miss Tam said. ‘I will ask the people to stop wearing fur coats.’ Suddenly, Miss Tam heard her alarm clock ringing. ‘It is just a dream. However, I should never wear fur coats anymore!’ she said.