Primary 4 English student writing works

日期: 03/01/2018

Primary 4
My friend Tony    (4A Lau Check Hei, Rex)

My friend Tony

Tony is my good friend. He is nine years old and we are the same age. He lives in Kowloon Tong with his parents. His birthday is on 14th April. He has short hair and small eyes. He is fat because he eats a lot of things.

We always go to school together. On the way, he likes telling jokes because he wants to make me laugh. He does not light with me or play tricks on me. All the children like him.

His favourite food is noodle because it is delicious. He likes English because it is funny. He also likes reading a comic call ‘Funny Tom’.

When I am sad, he will listen to me. He always helps me with the homework. He has a lot of things we must to learn. He is a nice boy.

I like him very much. I am happy that I can have this friend. We have a lot of good times.


My friend Tony    (4A Ng Cheuk Yin, Brian)

My friend Tony

My friend is Tony. He is nine years old and his birthday is on 3rd November. He is fattest boy in our class. He is also the funniest.

We are the same age but we have different hobbies. He likes playing basketball and he want to be a basketball player. I like swimming a lot so I want to be a swimmer.

His favourite food is pizza. He always eats pizza for lunch. His favourite cartoon is Ninja go! It is because the cartoon is very funny.

I like him because he always listens to me when I am sad. He always plays with me so I hope we can have more fun.


At the Cake Shop    (4B Cheung Tsz Wun, Cody)

At the Cake Shop

Matthew wanted to buy a cake for his sister’s birthday. His sister’s named is Cindy. Last Monday afternoon, he went to Kim’s Bakery to buy a birthday cake for Cindy. She loved cakes.

He saw two cakes. He saw a strawberry cake and a dark chocolate cake at the shop window. The chocolate cake was more expensive than the chocolate cake. He thought it was more delicious than the strawberry cake. When he wanted to buy the strawberry cake, he couldn’t find his wallet. ‘Oh, no! Where’s my wallet?’ he said.

He went home to make a cake with eggs, sugar, flour, milk and cream. He made a yummy cake.

In the end, Matthew had a wonderful party with his sister.


At the Cake Shop    (4B Lau Giselle Hiu Ching)

At the Cake Shop

Matthew wanted to buy a cake for his sister’s birthday so he went to Yummy Cake Shop. The cake shop is in Sha Tin. He went there by MTR.

When Matthew arrived the cake shop, he saw two kinds of cakes. They were strawberry cake and chocolate cake. Strawberry cake was eighty dollars and chocolate cake was one hundred dollars. Strawberry cake was cheaper than chocolate cake.

Matthew thought chocolate cake was more delicious than strawberry cake. He wanted to buy chocolate cake.

Matthew could not find his wallet. He was so worried. Suddenly, he thought an idea. He went home and asked his mum. ‘Can I borrow your money to buy a cake, mum?’ he said. ‘Yes.’ his mum replied. Then Matthew went to the cake shop again to buy the birthday cake. In the end, they had a wonderful birthday party. They were very happy.


My Favourite Restaurant    (4C Lo Ka Po, Angel)

My Favourite Restaurant

My favourite restaurant is Happy Chinese Restaurant. It is in Shek Kip Mei. I always go there by MTR. It opens from 8:00a.m. to 11:00p.m. I often go there with my grandma on Sundays morning. Food it serves is Chinese food.

The lighting is bright and the seating are comfortable. The most famous dish of this restaurant is fried rice. I like to eat fried rice every time when I go there. The rice is soft and nice!

The waiter and waitress are nice and friendly. They always talk with me and tell me jokes. I love this restaurant very much.

I hope I can go there with my family on my birthday too! Tomorrow is my birthday. May be they will take me there. I am very excited!


My Favourite Restaurant    (4C Ng Suet Ying, Zoe)

My Favourite Restaurant

My favourite restaurant is Yummy Yummy Restaurant. I is in Lam Tin. We can go there by MTR or bus.

The restaurant opens from nine o’clock in the morning to ten o’clock in the evening every day. The lighting is soft and the seating is comfortable.

The restaurant serves American food. Its most famous dish is rib-eye steak. The beef is juicy and the vegetables are fresh. Yummy Yummy Restaurant is popular because the waiters are helpful and the price is reasonable.

Having meals at Yummy Yummy Restaurant is wonderful.


My Favourite Restaurant    (4D Fung Hoi Nga, Daisy)

My Favourite Restaurant

My favourite restaurant is Happy Restaurant. It is near my home. I always go there on foot.

It opens from nine o’clock in the morning to ten o’clock in the evening. It serves western food. It is famous for fruit salad because the fruit is healthy and fresh.

The lighting is romantic and the seating is comfortable. The restaurant is spacious. The meals are fabulous. The service there is efficient because the waiters are smart. They are very polite too. The price of the food is reasonable.

I like the restaurant very much. Having meals at Happy Restaurant is great fun.



My Good Friend    (4D Yeung Yui Chit, Kurt)

My Good Friend

Tony is my friend. He is nine years old. His birthday is on the 15th May. He is friendly and helpful. Everyone likes him. He lives in Sha Tin with his family happily.

He is the shortest boy in our class. He has two small eyes and a big mouth. His hair is black and short. He likes wearing T-shirts with cartoon character very much.

He is good at English. He often reads English books with me in the school library. He always gets good marks in the English exams. He likes eating junk food very much. He sometimes goes to Yummy Fast Food Shop near our school. However, he is fit and healthy because he always plays badminton and tennis with his parents at weekends. Also, he eats fruit after lunch. His favourite subject is P.E. He is the fastest runner in our class.

I am happy to have this good friend. I hope we can be friends forever.